Live Gigs

I did my first gig in 1996, and was a full-time professional stand-up for more than ten years.


I did all sorts; Gigs across the whole world, summer festivals, five or six Edinburgh Fringe Festivals, unplayable drunken gigs, gigs that got cancelled cos nobody turned up, gigs to over-excitable young farmers…one gig in Wales where two twins put on sumo suits and started fighting the rest of the crowd… over the years I covered thousands of miles and loved it.


I spend a couple of years as resident MC at the Sunday Special at Up The Creek in Greenwich, which I think was the best of it all. What a gig.


I was nominated for ‘Best UK Compere’ (losing to Jarred Christmas quite rightly), and was featured in the Guardian’s ‘top ten middle-class comedians’, which makes me feel uncomfortable, thus proving that I am middle-class and should not feel uncomfortable.


Nowadays, I perform regularly at my own club in Folkestone, where we book the best comedians and have a sold-out fabulous crowd show after show. It’s a cracking little gig if I do say so myself.