About Me

Surely this will only be read by a few curious people. The short ‘about me’ you’ve just read is pretty much everything you need to know, but seeing as you’ve made the effort to find out even more, here is my best attempt of a summary of myself. Be aware of the risk of the unreliable narrator.

Author’s note: I know that traditionally there would be images accompanying a block of text like this, however it’s been hard enough finding multiple pictures of my own face to put on other parts of the site and this was a bridge too far. So no pictures. Just treat it like a particularly mind-numbing novella. 

You can find out what I’ve done professionally in other parts of the website; this is an indulgent romp around what I do to keep busy when I’m not working. 

I live with my family in Folkestone, which is now very much my home and I will happily bore the pants off you banging on about how much I love the town. 

For fun I play cricket in summer (left arm around, good control, reasonable tweak, on the right wicket I can get both turn and bounce), cryptic crosswords (usually attempted when I’ve been dismissed early on in the innings giving a dolly to mid-on AGAIN), home cooking (my French vinaigrette game is strong and if you want the recipe I will give it to you), piano, graphic design, fishing (sea and fly).

Travel often involves camping and/or France (as we are only a quick swim away). Love all of Europe, especially Italy and Greece. I know it’s not exactly the height of originality, but you can’t choose what you enjoy, can you? Can you?! 

My teams are Somerset CCC and Liverpool FC.