Hello! Welcome to my website. I'm

Dan Atkinson

and I'm a comedy TV producer, writer & director. 

I also run the Folkestone Comedy Club. 


There's more information, some pictures, historical stuff and odds & sods in the tabs just below here...

About Me

For the past ten years or so I've been a TV producer for comedy shows on a variety of channels.

Before that I was a stand-up; I still perform at my own club in Folkestone.

But more importantly than all that, I play village cricket on Sundays for Kingsnorth CC (left arm spin, can bat a bit).

You can explore my professional work by clicking the tabs above, or if you want to know more about me in general you can click the button below. 

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TV Production

I’ve been a TV producer for ten years. Click the top half of a show logo below to find out more. 


I did my first gig in 1996, and was a professional stand-up for ten years. 

I did all sorts; Gigs across the whole world, summer festivals, five or six Edinburgh Fringe Festivals, unplayable drunken gigs, gigs that got cancelled cos nobody turned up, gigs to over-excitable young farmers…one gig in Wales where twins put on sumo suits and started fighting the rest of the crowd… over the years I covered thousands of miles and loved it.

I spend a couple of years as resident MC at the Sunday Special at Up The Creek in Greenwich, which I think was the best of it all. What a gig.


I was nominated for ‘Best UK Compere’ (losing to Jarred Christmas quite rightly), and was featured in the Guardian’s ‘top ten middle-class comedians’, which makes me feel icky, thus proving that I am middle-class and should not feel icky. Schrodinger’s ponce. 

Making Schrodinger references doesn’t help does it? 


Nowadays, I perform regularly at my own club in Folkestone, where we book the best comedians and have sold out every show since we opened back in 2015. It’s a cracking little gig if I do say so myself. 


I have worked as a director on all sorts of live productions from twenty seat fringe shows through to arena tours. 

I believe that for most acts, the best work comes through collaboration. I’ve been lucky to work with a real variety of performers each with their own distinct styles.

The acts I’ve worked with include Simon Evans, Ed Gamble, Lloyd Langford, Russell Howard, Dominic Frisby, Mawaan Riswan, Danielle Ward, Matt Winning and many more. 

If you’re interested in chatting about a project then please get in touch using one of the many get in touch buttons plastered across this website. 


Fun Stuff

This is the stuff that doesn’t categorise. Things that I’ve done, or have happened to me, that I thought it was worth sticking down but didn’t quite know where to put it. It’s the digital version of that drawer.

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